Möhne Life

An opportunity for the Möhne

With a length of 65 kilometers, the Möhne is one of the Ruhr's largest tributaries. From its source near Brilon to its mouth in Arnsberg-Neheim, it flows through a valley characterized mainly by grassland. The "MöhneLife" project, which aims to improve the FFH (Flora-Fauna-Habtitat) protected areas, was launched at the beginning of 2010 to protect nature in the long term.

The project was 50 percent funded by the European Union's environmental financing program LIFE (= L'Instrument Finanzier pour l'Environnement). In the process, further prerequisites for successful and sustainable nature conservation in the Möhneauen floodplain were created in the FFH area. Together with the project partners (the Hochsauerland district, the Biological Station in the Hochsauerland district, the Working Group for Biological Environmental Protection and the Möhnesee Landscape Information Center), the district of Soest was able to implement various measures in several sub-areas during the five-year project period, which you can now experience up close at the MöhneLife points along the route.

Möhne Life - A landscape in transition

The Möhne Life project aims at the renaturation of the Möhne and its floodplains.