Gastronomie am MöhnetalRadweg

Gastronomy along the route

Many restaurateurs serve homemade sausage and ham specialties, different potato variations and various types of mushrooms round off the culinary offerings. But hearty, meaty and rustic dishes are no longer the only things on the table in the Sauerland. The cuisine in many restaurants is open-minded and experimental. It is the expression of a typical Sauerland way of life. The climatic conditions of the Sauerland produce a variety of culinary products. For example, cows and goats provide milk from which delicious cheese is made in several village and farm cheese dairies. For meat production, happy animals graze on lush meadows. Fish from the numerous local lakes, rivers and streams - just think of the Sauerland trout! - as well as game from the region's vast forests. And not to forget: Three world-famous beer brands are brewed in the Sauerland. There are also many small country and home breweries and specialty distilleries.