Light color for autumn mood - Mülheim battle

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Do you only shoot with AWB (Auto White Balance) or have you tried the other light colors? What does this "K" actually mean? Color temperature is measured in Kelvin - the lower the value, the warmer the image result. Candlelight is about 2,700 K and is considered warm, while daylight is about 5,200 K and is considered neutral. Thus, depending on the ambient light, a white is not always recognizable as white in the photo. In candlelight, it tends to look orange, while in the shade it tends to look bluish. In the past, with manual cameras, a colored glass pane (filter) was simply screwed in front of the lens to compensate for the color of the light. For candlelight a blue filter, for warm-up an orange filter. Modern digital cameras can do this at the push of a button. Just try it out and photograph the forest with a little more orange (e.g. add orange to the symbol for shadows), and the forest will somehow look more autumnal. Higher quality cameras let you set an individual Kelvin value. Sunsets can also be influenced beautifully in terms of color.

Lichtfarbe für herbstliche Stimmung klein.png

Here we see warm colors on the left, cold colors on the right. While it looks more like autumn on the left, it looks rather cool on the right.