Golden section - House Füchten

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Everyone has heard of the "golden ratio". There was something, earlier in the school in the art lessons... In general, a photo is perceived as balanced and harmonious if the object does not simply appear in the center of the picture. So don't put your subject or model in the center of the picture, but place it in the right or left third of the picture. And the whole picture will look more exciting and creative. It is not a must, but it is a way to make the photos more interesting. Most digital cameras have a one-third grid for this reason, which you can have superimposed on the viewfinder or display.

Fun Fact for smarties: The Golden Ratio is also called Proportio Divina (divine proportion) and can be found everywhere in art history: e.g. on the Venus de Milo, the Sistine Madonna or Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

Fotopunkt 1 Goldener Schnitt.png

Here the golden section is applied: Model and wheel virtually divide the image into three parts. The model stands out the most. The barn door also provides a separation to the upper third.