Change of perspective - Brilon town hall

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The task: photograph a tree. Do you just photograph the tree straight ahead, just like that, at eye level? Almost everyone does that. Just lie down on the forest floor, photograph it from below or use a wide angle (i.e. a focal length that is wider than the human eye at about 50 mm), e.g. 17 mm - bang, the tree looks majestic as it visually rises in front of you. Climb a mountain, use a drone - from above, the tree looks small, perhaps one of many, possibly insignificant. Lean with your belly against the tree trunk and just take a picture vertically along the trunk upwards into the treetop - brighten up a bit manually and a rather closed aperture - the perfect picture! This also works great with the Brilon town hall standing here!

Perspektivwechsel Rathaus Brilon.png

Photographed from the ground, the cyclists look special right away and the town hall stands out sublimely.
We humble ourselves, so to speak, for the motif.