Blue hour - Gransau square

Blue hour is the time when the sun has already disappeared in the evening, but a beautiful residual light still illuminates the scenery - that is, the twilight after sunset and before nightfall. Here everything then shines in a beautiful, strong blue tone and is ideal for pictures of inhabited areas. Because at this time the quite dark sky has the same brightness as the artificial light of the street lamps and illuminated windows - exactly the right moment for night shots as taken by a professional with a very special mood. To make sure you don't miss the perfect moment, you can use a smartphone app, for example, to see exactly when the sun will set and thus optimally plan your shooting time.
Fun fact for smart alecks: The sun is about 4 to 8 degrees below the horizon at blue hour.

Blaue Stunde.png

This photo shows a classic afternoon light situation. What does it look like during the blue hour?
when the lights in the houses are illuminated, the sky is already nice and dark and the light of the street lamps light up the cyclist? Try it out!