From the Möhnequelle to the mouth of the Ruhr

On the MöhnetalRadweg, touring cyclists can experience the Sauerland away from the climbs. South of the Haarstrang, the route always follows the small river Möhne. Over 65 kilometers, it connects the old Hanseatic town of Brilon, the source of the river, with its confluence with the Ruhr in Arnsberg-Neheim. There is a lot to discover on the tour: in addition to attractive places, the Möhnetal presents itself from its most beautiful side. Alluvial landscapes with lush meadows, green forests and gentle hills characterize the scenery during the tour. And the Möhnetal is undergoing a transformation: parts of the floodplain have been renaturalized as part of the "Möhne Life" project. Colourful valley meadows and sparse riparian forests are being restored for many animal and plant species of the low mountain valleys and will offer cyclists an even more fascinating experience of nature in the future.

Railroad line fans will also get their money's worth. This is because large parts of the MöhnetalRadweg run along a former railroad line with absolutely no inclines. The scenic highlight is the Möhnesee, one of the largest reservoirs in North Rhine-Westphalia. The route runs along either the southern or northern shore and offers pure nature. In addition, the imposing dam wall, which is more than 100 years old and is still the heaviest monument in North Rhine-Westphalia, provides a beautiful view over the lake.
In Arnsberg-Neheim, cyclists experience a contrast to the rest of the route: the attractive shopping town offers urban life directly on the Ruhr.